Cheapest Flight Companies in Egypt

When it comes to planning a trip, finding affordable flight options is often a top priority for travelers. Egypt, with its rich historical sites, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, attracts a significant number of tourists each year. To help you plan your journey without breaking the bank, we have compiled a list of the cheapest flight companies in Egypt. These airlines provide cost-effective options while ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or simply looking for the best deals, this article will guide you through the top picks for affordable flights in Egypt.

1. EgyptAir

EgyptAir, the flag carrier airline of Egypt, is renowned for its extensive domestic and international flight network. It offers a range of affordable fares without compromising on quality. With its hub at Cairo International Airport, EgyptAir connects major cities within Egypt and serves numerous international destinations. The airline frequently provides discounted fares, special promotions, and seasonal offers, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious travelers. EgyptAir also offers a frequent flyer program, allowing passengers to accumulate miles and enjoy additional benefits. By combining affordability, reliability, and quality service, EgyptAir secures its position as one of the top picks for cheap flights in Egypt.

2. Air Arabia Egypt


Air Arabia Egypt is a low-cost airline that operates from Alexandria’s Borg El Arab International Airport. As a subsidiary of Air Arabia, one of the leading low-cost carriers in the Middle East, Air Arabia Egypt focuses on delivering affordable travel options. The airline serves a range of domestic and international destinations, including popular tourist spots in Egypt. By adopting a no-frills approach, Air Arabia Egypt offers competitive fares while maintaining safety and efficiency. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and pocket-friendly prices, Air Arabia Egypt is a preferred choice for budget travelers seeking cheap flights within Egypt.

3. Nile Air

Nile Air, an Egyptian private airline, offers both domestic and international flights at competitive prices. Based in Cairo, Nile Air connects major cities within Egypt and flies to several regional destinations. The airline stands out for its affordability, punctuality, and comfortable onboard experience. Nile Air frequently introduces promotional fares and discounts, making it an attractive option for travelers on a budget. With a modern fleet and a dedication to customer service, Nile Air continues to be a popular choice for affordable flights in Egypt.

4. Air Cairo

Air Cairo, a subsidiary of EgyptAir, operates as a low-cost carrier from its base at Cairo International Airport. The airline primarily focuses on leisure travel, offering cheap flights to popular tourist destinations. Air Cairo’s mission is to provide affordable air travel without compromising on safety and quality. With its budget-friendly fares, the airline appeals to both local and international travelers exploring Egypt’s attractions. Air Cairo’s commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with its competitive pricing, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking economical flight options.

5. Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways, a Kuwait-based low-cost airline, serves multiple destinations in the Middle East, including Egypt. With its extensive network and attractive fares, Jazeera Airways has gained popularity among budget-conscious travelers. The airline offers affordable flights to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, allowing visitors to experience Egypt’s cultural heritage and picturesque beaches without breaking the bank. Jazeera Airways’ commitment to operational excellence, punctuality, and passenger comfort ensures a pleasant journey at a reasonable price.


Traveling to Egypt doesn’t have to be expensive, thanks to the presence of several affordable flight companies. EgyptAir, Air Arabia

Egypt, Nile Air, Air Cairo, and Jazeera Airways stand out as the top picks for cheap flights within Egypt. These airlines offer competitive fares, promotional offers, and reliable service, making them ideal choices for budget-conscious travelers. Remember to compare prices, check for ongoing promotions, and consider your travel preferences while making a decision. By choosing one of these airlines, you can explore Egypt’s wonders while keeping your travel expenses in check. Plan your trip wisely, and embark on an unforgettable journey to the land of pharaohs, pyramids, and vibrant culture, without breaking the bank.



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