5 Ways to Avoid American Airlines Baggage Fees

American Airlines Baggage fees can sometimes make your overall plane ticket cost very high – here’s how you can avoid them.

American Airlines passengers are allowed to carry one personal item and a carry-on bag for free, as long as they meet the requirements. In the case where you need to have your bag checked, just know that it comes at an additional cost.

Luckily, there are ways you can avoid paying American Express baggage fees – using the best travel cards and also loyalty programs.

American Airlines Domestic and International Baggage Fees

Because the American Airlines checked baggage policy is a bit nuanced, what you pay will depend on the ticket you purchased, the destination you’re going to, and the number of bags that need to be checked.


Here are a few checked bag fees you may encounter:

  • First checked bag: International main cabin tickets on American come with one free checked bag.
  • Extra bag fee: You can expect to pay $30 for your first checked bag, $40 for your second bag, and $150 to $200 for each bag after that.
  • Overweight bag fee: Bags that weigh 51-70 pounds cost $100 each way. Bags heavier than 70 pounds can be flown for $200-$450 depending on your flight.
  • Oversize Bag fee: They cost $200 each way
  • Sports equipment fee: When traveling with any sports equipment, the maximum size is 126 inches, and the maximum weight is 70 pounds. Anything more than this attracts extra fees.

How to Avoid Baggage Fees on American Express

The thing is, even the $30 baggage fee added to your flight ticket price can make the trip a bit expensive. Sadly, these fees are not disappearing anytime soon but keep on increasing by the day.

But you don’t have to worry, here are some ways you can avoid American Airlines baggage fees.

1. Only Pack a Carry-On

Even if you booked a basic economy flight, American Airlines allows you to bring a free carry-on bag. Bringing only a carry-on and no extra luggage can save you some hard-earned cash.

2. Join a Loyalty Program

If you are a frequent traveler, you are advised to join a loyalty program such as American Airlines miles. With this program, you will be able to achieve an elite status which allows you to have more free bags.

3. Buy A Premium Ticket

Another good way you can avoid American Airlines baggage fees is when your purchase a free ticket. With premium tickets, you get additional backs.

4. Bring your Military Document

If you are a member of the U.S. military, then any companion traveling with you can get 5 bags free when traveling on orders.

5. Get an American Airlines Credit Card

If you have an American Airlines credit card, you earn bonuses that not only reduce the cost of your flight ticket but also offer other perks like free bags.

If you fly other airlines other than American Airlines, then you can opt for other travel cards and start raking up your rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free baggage on American Airlines?

Here are 5 main ways you can avoid American Airlines baggage fees:

  1. Qualify for AAdvantage elite status.
  2. Achieve Oneworld elite status.
  3. Get an AAdvantage credit card.
  4. Book a higher-class ticket.
  5. Be active-duty military.

Does America allow a free checked bag?

The first bag is free for you and up to 4 travel companions.

How many bags can I take on American Airlines for free?

You are allowed one bag and 1 carry-on.

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