Australia’s 2022 University of Sydney International Study Award in Dairy Science is fully funded.

Dates of Closure: January 20, 2022

Get this fantastic deal now! In Australia in 2022, submit an application for the University of Sydney International Study Award in Dairy Science. All outstanding international students from all around the world who are studying abroad can apply for this award.


This award was created to offer financial support to a PhD candidate working on a project called “Unlocking the Potential of Kikuyu” (Project 1 of Dairy UP program). The PhD project’s research will examine the potential and constraints of C-neutral pasture-based dairy production systems.

This scholarship is provided by Dairy UP and is sponsored by the NSW and Commonwealth governments through the Bushfire Industry Recover Package – Sector Development Grants program. It is managed by the University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Foundation (BIR-SDG).

Students who want to start their studies in the academic year 2022–2023 are encouraged to apply.


PhD student, domestic or foreign, at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences
investigation of the dairy industry’s greenhouse gas balance
Benefits of the 2022 University of Sydney International Study Award in Dairy Science in Australia include the following:
For up to three years, this scholarship will offer a stipend of $40,000 each year.

For up to twelve research periods, this grant will cover the costs of academic course tuition as well as student services and amenities.

A six-month extension is possible, if your academic progress is adequate.

For a successful foreign student, this study scholarship will additionally provide abroad health coverage (single cover only).

Apply by clicking here.

Candidates must:

be enrolled in a full-time PhD program at the Faculty of Science, receive an unconditional offer of admission, or be a local or foreign student.
be open to doing research on the balance of greenhouse gases produced by the dairy industry using a variety of approaches, such as modeling and field investigations.
have a master’s degree in a comparable discipline with a strong research component or an honors degree (first class or second class upper).
possess experience in the veterinary or animal sciences; dairy production in intensified systems (TMR) be prepared to get the immunizations needed to operate on a farm.
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